Monday, January 31, 2011

Queer webcomics!

A recent convo on LJ led me to believe I should make a rec post for queer webcomics. So here. we. go.

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal. A cross-country journey of convenience between strangers is slowly turning into something else. SO. MUCH. LOVE. Double love for the non-white main character: Amal is so sweet and conflicted, a young man trying to figure things out and having to wrestle with an intersection of cultural, familial, and personal influences. TJ is still something of an enigma at this point but the crumbs that we've gotten -- his casual brushoff of the time he spent homeless broke my heart -- have kept me intrigued. There's a LOT of this posted, so set aside some time to catch up.

Rooster Tails. An autobiographical comic from a New Zealand transboy. I love how webcomics are opening up the world to all these different voices and personalities. Here's my favorite one:

DAR! An old standby and no longer being updated, but it's worth linking again just so everyone gets a chance to read it. Plus, Erika Moen is super-awesome! I've had the opportunity to meet her twice, and she was lovely both times. Oh, the benefits of living in Portland.

Teahouse. I don't usually go for yaoi, but this one is damn pretty. Also, sometimes you just want some SMUT, amirite? Me, I'm shipping Linneus/Argos. Crazy albinos with swords need love, too.

Oglaf. I'm counting this one as queer, but really, it's pretty much equal opportunity filth. My favorite is the queen. She's such a heinous bitch.

Alright, now show me yours! :D


  1. i like riotnrrd a lot!

  2. I love Oglaf and RiotNRRD :)

    I don't think anything else I follow is queerfocused, although Girls With Slingshots, Shortpacked and Menage A Troi have queer main characters. In fact the latter, despite constantly being on the verge of overdoing the fanservice, is in the middle of a storyline involving a pre-op trans woman and I don't think they've fucked anything up yet!

  3. There's Khaos Komic, which has evolved over the years from cringe-worthy and reliant on stereotype to a very well-written story about realistic queer characters. It's slow to update though.

    I also cast a vote for RiotNrrrd! I love the author, and I love how it's filled with people of color, people all over the queer spectrum, people with disabilities, and more.

    There's also Moon Over June, which is more or less gratuitous lesbian porn comics with hilarious character dialogue in between.

    And Curvy, which is a strange fantasy adventure with lesbian main characters, a trans merman, and more.

  4. @elfie and @maggiebloome: Ooo, riotnrrd is not only fun, it's educational! I didn't know anything about Mae Jamison, I'm glad I do now. She's awesome!

  5. Curvy is so weird! I love the fight scenes so much. Badass chicks FTW.

  6. Wow, thanks so much for your kind words! I love Erika Moen, and I'm definitely gonna check out the other links thanks!
    PS I totally love Riot Nrrd too!!