Friday, June 11, 2010

Drumming diary: How Rachel got her groove back.

As anyone who has ever tried on skinny jeans knows -- my personal verdict: a full-body muffintop, ugh -- finding one's personal style is a lot of trial-and-error. The same holds true in drumming.

Through the process of learning other people's songs, I've played a variety of styles and have come to realize that I really, really hate playing pop-punk. Or punk. Just, that whole vein of music. I hate it. Well, wait, I don't hate the music, I hate PLAYING it. I never feel like I'm settling into a nice groove with punk, and me likey a nice groove. (Pop) Punk is all frenetic and wild and I can see how that would be fun for others, but for me, ugh, I hate it.

Me, I think I'm a fairly solid blues-rock drummer. This gives me joy! I have found my style! Hooray!

Of course, this means that I've given up trying to learn I'm Not Okay. Boo. I hate not finishing things that I start.

But hooray! A style! Now to learn EVERY BLUES-ROCK SONG IN EXISTENCE! Starting with the entire Led Zeppelin repetoire, heh.


  1. The entire Led Zeppelin repertoire! Hooray! I am in support of this.

  2. I was actually thinking that I could make a project of it. Watch and behold as she learns every single Led Zeppelin song ever made!