Friday, May 21, 2010

Representations of women in comics

I'm putting this up as much for my own later reference as for others: a good article in Jezebel that refutes much of the bullshit defenses for why women in superhero comics always have their tits and asses hanging out of their costumes.
"[G]o through your favorite DC heroes. Now, think of your favorite DC
heroes that don't wear pants. How many of those pantsless heroes are women?
Think about Superman for a second: what if he started going without pants? Would
you think that was weird? Superman doesn't need pants, after all, he's
invulnerable. You would think it was weird, obviously, and why? Because it would
seem a little gay to you to look at a guy's naked legs while you're reading your
comics. Because you sexualize naked legs."

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