Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Je suis jolie

I have no idea if that's the correct French or not. Apologies to Frenchpeople if I have just butchered your language, but I am jolie, dammit! (The emotion, not the goddess.)

FINALLY figured out how to start "A Teenager's Guide." It does involve a bit more carnage than I had originally intended, and might make the Estacada school system nervous, but eh. It works. I love those moments when I've been thinking and thinking and picking at something, and finally the gears catch, the clutch goes out, and I achieve flight all over again.

I'll be moving in to Portland at the end of the month, and intend to immerse myself in the blooming comic book scene there. My list of places to hang out include:

Cosmic Monkey, particularly their monthly "Drink and Draw" event (where I can hopefully meet artists while they are intoxicated and vulnerable to suggestion, mwahaha)
Floating World
Dark Horse (I hope to find an unpaid job there of some kind, even if it's mopping floors)

I haven't been working on my music as much as I wish I were, but I'll be house-sitting the next five days and will try to use the time towards that purpose.

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