Sunday, July 19, 2009

Of Live Areas and Tetrachords

What I'm reading:
"Drawing Words and Writing Pictures," Abel and Madden. A basic how-to of comic book creation, from writing to drawing to lettering. Pretty useful. I have a feeling that I should have read the McCloud book first, since they reference it quite a bit, but this one is still handy on its own. The homework assignments get a little tiresome to flip through; it's obviously been designed as a textbook.

"Music Theory in the Real World: A Practical Guide For Today's Musicians," Michael Perlowin. Oh boy. This handy little book is gently, carefully revealing to me just how much my school system failed at any kind of music program. I cracked it open last night and stayed up way too late getting whacky on my keyboard. Things -- key signatures and harmonies -- suddenly make sense! It's as if someone planned them out! My god! It might be a too basic for people with more training, but for me it's perfect. Definitely recommend this one to all my musical buddies out there.

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